Tessela – In Motion (dub)
Pariah – Crossed Out (R & S Records)
Fantastic Mr Fox – Over (Black Acre)
Shed – With Bag and Baggage (Monkey Town)
Julio Bashmore – Around (Soul Motive)
Tessela – Frank (dub)
George Fitzgerald – The Let Down (Hotflush)
Hyetal – Phoenix (Orca Recordings)
Headhunter – Sex at the Prom (Tempa)
2562 – The Wind Up (Monkey Town)
Martyn – Left Hander (3024)
Untold – Stereo Freeze (R & S REcords)
Tessela – Push (dub)
Deadboy – Heart Breaker (Well Rounded)
Hackman – Just Want Your Clothes (dub)



Psychonaught – One Wish (Unreleased)
Bureu13 – So Late (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Bamboo Palace – Frozen (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Plot Twist – Ohene (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Lo : tek – A(nother) Day @ The Carnival (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Digital Mystikz – Pathways (Doc Daneeka Remix) (Unreleased)
XXXY – Just For Me (Fortified Audio)
Doc Daneeka – Funky Bit (Unreleased)
Fauxhemian – Speaking In Tounges (Never coming out, sorry)
Fauxhemian – Panagakou (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
VVV – Retreated (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Littlefoot – Planet October (Unreleased)
VVV – Infinite (Unreleased)
Mau’lin – Sabu (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Artek&Kovu – And Then (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Milyoo – Classic (VVV Remix) (Forthcoming Night Audio)
Distal&Hxdb – Typewriter VIP (Surefire Sounds)
Jamie Grind – Without You (Fortcoming on Fortified Audio)
Joe – Claptrap (Hessle Audio)
Distal – Africa To Mars (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Plastikman- Old School (Novamute)
TRC – Oo Aa Ee VIP (Butterz)
Distal  – Android Tourism (Forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Hyetal – Phoenix (Orca)
The Dream – Yamaha (Island DefJam)



Mixology Eight is left in the capable hands of KingThing, the DJ, producer and record label owner from Chester, UK. A founder of the Night Audio imprint with friend and collaborator Submerse, KingThing was one of the key founders of the future garage movement. The term has split some involved in the the ‘wot d’you call it’ wars currently enveloping the bass music continuum, yet the term has undoubtedly entered it’s lexicon and is throwing new light in the direction of garage. His studio output is laced with solid, yet often idiosyncratic 2-step that caresses the work of early pioneers Menta, Oris Jay and in places the neurofunk virus of Ed Rush and Optical. His recent 12-inch released on Fortified Audio honours the spirit of UK Garage to tremendous effect, splicing jittery vocals and ominous staccato rhythms with deluxe warping basslines. With other releases including one on Car Crash Set and more from his own Night Audio forthcoming, expect to see KingThing burning bright in 2011.

Tracklist for Mixology Eight:
Jamie Grind – Remember Those Days (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
Plot Twist – Ohene (forthcoming Fortified Audio)
James Fox – New Jack Swing
Resketch – Ghosts
KingThing – Mad Hatter
Dark Sky – High Rise (forthcoming Blunted Robots)
Gon – Untitled
Distal & HxdB – Untitled
KingThing – You Know
Volta Cab – Give It Juice (XXXY’s Rubicon RMX -forthcoming Wicked Bass)
DJ P.O.L. Style – Vampire Killah
Zed Bias – Neighbourhood (El-B remix)
Submerse – Tokyopop (forthcoming Night Audio)
KingThing – Neglect Me
KingThing – Different Spin
Mock The Zuma – Me (forthcoming Night Audio)